Maruti Dzire vs Mahindra’s Upcoming Verito Compact Sedan: Take Your Pick!

Mahindra has proved its mettle in the Utility Space. Fairly recently they entered the mainstream sedan market with Verito after breaking up with Renault. 

Verito, basically a refreshed variant of the erstwhile Logan, is one really practical sedan at compelling price tags. Verito has been doing better than Logan with pretty decent monthly sales figures. And now, since the product has settled down, Mahindra wants to hit with an iron hand!

Mahindra Verito Refresh
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The upcoming Verito Compact Sedan will be their path to glory for sure. We analyzed and predicted that the Verito CS will come with only a diesel engine which later on got confirmed. So the new Verito CS will be powered by the same Renault sourced 1.5L DCiCRDi diesel mill that powers a lot of other Indian cars from Renault and Nissan.

Mahindra will have to reduce the length of the car by more than 277mm to make the current Verito shorter than 4 meters. We analyze why Verito CS could be one big threat to Maruti’s Dzire.

Four Advantages Verito CS has Over Dzire

1. More Interior Space: Despite the cut Verito CS is expected to be have significant space advantage over the current Dzire with better leg space and side space. Dzire, owing to slightly more height, might be a tad better at headspace though.

2. Better Boot: Dzire makes do with boot space of 316 liters that is slightly better than the regular hatchbacks we have in the county. Current full size Verito has a space of 510 liters. But despite the chopping off, we expect Verito to carry a slightly better boot space than Dzire.

3. Comparable Fuel Efficiency: Mahindra claims an ARAI approved fuel efficiency of 21.03kmpl and with the reduced weight and possible retunings, we expect Verito CS to carry a similar fuel efficiency tag of something around 23kmpl (Dzire’s is 23.4 kmpl).

4. Price: This is the most important aspect which might be a real fist-fight material for both the companies. Let’s have a look at both the car’s prices. All prices listed here are ex-showroom Delhi prices.


  • Dzire LDI : Rs 5.99 Lakh
  • Dzire VDI : Rs 6.58 Lakh
  • Dzire ZDI (with Airbags & ABS): Rs 7.4 Lakh

Current Verito:

  • Verito 1.5 D2: Rs 6.3 Lakh
  • Verito 1.5 D4: Rs 6.52 Lakh
  • Verito 1.5 D6 (ABS): Rs 7.19 Lakh
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We saw a drop of approximately Rs 30,000 between the older Dzire and the new shorter Dzire. If we expect a similar price cut on the Verito CS, it would undercut Dzire’s pricing by quite a significant amount. Check specially the prices of mid variant which is generally the largest seller of a car model. Imagine a D4 variant Verito CS at a price tag of Rs 6.2 Lakh! Just for the records, this is just a tad over Swift VDi’s (a hatch) price tag of Rs 6 Lakh.

Obviously, a lot of it hangs at the hands of Mahindra’s decision makers. If they can really work out a nice balanced product at shattering price tag, we will probably have our first real competition to the Dzire. Verito CS might not become the largest seller of the segment but it will surely have a large potential to do well.

Mahindra Verito CS Launch

Mahindra will launch their Compact version of Verito before or around March. We expect test mules of the car to appear before our screens pretty soon. And you know what to type in case you spot one!

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