Maruti-Suzuki Gypsy

The Maruti-Suzuki Gypsy could well be headed towards an upgrade, or so say rumours in the industry according to a report by

Maruti-Suzuki Gypsy

It has been there in the thick of action, for quite long. Chasing baddies, patrolling wire-fenced borders, ferrying troops, jumping off sand dunes and inclines…you name it, it has accomplished it!

However, as the Big Green Machine (Read the Army) raises its sights and braces up for hardier enemies, this old workhorse is in danger of being phased out. An ancient design, a wheezy engine coupled with a rickety build as well as old components will never do any good to the Maruti-Suzuki Gypsy.

The Army has chalked out its specifications for future personnel carriers, and is looking at bigger, better and more powerful vehicles. The private sales of the Gypsy aren’t anything to be proud of; the vehicle is available only on a pre-order basis.

Is it finally time for this old warrior to hang up its boots?

Not yet, according to whispers going around. Dealerships have been suggesting that the Maruti-Suzuki Gypsy could receive an upgrade in the coming months. Though we aren’t sure if this is true, but here is what is the word on the streets…

  • 1.2 liter G12B petrol unit found on the Eeco – It is a smaller avatar of the 1.3 Liter G13B engine originally used on the Gypsy. Since the Gypsy is 4,010 mm in length, this 1.2 Liter G12B engine coupled with minor tweaks to reduce length below 4 metres will allow for excise duty benefits.
  • 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engine used on other models – This gem of an engine powers many other blockbuster Maruti-Suzuki models. Use of this engine will also help the Gypsy to compete with the diesel-powered Mahindra Thar. However, drastic changes will be required and it might mean an all new model car if DDIS has to make way.

Gypsy is currently available as a petrol-powered variant only, and the inclusion of a diesel option does make sense in this time of soaring petrol prices. However, it remains to be seen if Maruti-Suzuki will hand over the Gypsy a design makeover or not. The Gypsy appears as if it has become frozen in time, unable to shift and change according to the passing time.

Maruti-Gypsy-Pic (1)

Will this be a good off-roading vehicle for private use once it gets better design and features alongside a diesel engine, or will it continue to trod along with the spartan design thanks to a sweet deal inked with the military??

Word of caution: Gypsy lovers, just go ahead with your booking of Thar/Gurkha, until we hear something concrete on this, we will consider this is a bare rumour.

But what is surely coming to our shores from the Maruti Suzuki UV space is the SX4 Crossover, XA-Alpha compact SUV and a larger SUV based on iV4 concept. You can read more details here




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