Maruti Might be Working on Alto K10 Refresh

Recently Maruti introduced the Alto 800 in India replacing the earlier gen Alto. The new introduction has just carried on the super successful path the earlier variant left.

Now, according to one of our source, Maruti is working on a project related to Alto. We do not have any further concrete information on this, but considering that Alto 800 has just been launched, the next probable candidate appears to be the bigger sibling Alto K10.


The refresh is quoted as ‘Minor’ which, generally means, it will be a minor niptuck job with a few cosmetic additions and┬ásubtractions. There also appears that Maruti will also refresh the interiors, seating and other bits. Not much is known apart from the fact that such a project is underway and all our signals point to Alto K10 which has been in the market for sometime now.

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