Maruti Returns 90,000 + Free Maintenance Package to Older S-Cross Customers

Maruti Suzuki was the first to bring in Fiat’s 1.6 litre Multijet diesel engine to India with the S-Cross. However, despite having a wonderful powertrain they could not find many takers for the car which was primarily due to a higher price tag. What followed was the tried and tested way of reducing the price tag of a product to help it sell, or let us say the company now sells the S-Cross at a more realistic price tag. Okay so a price cut may bring in new customers but how would you feel if you went ahead with the buy before the price revision?

Price reduction definitely irks existing customers and we have not seen manufacturers pass any benefits to their existing customers, many a times. You automatically feel cheated and it also reduces the resale value of your car. However, Maruti doesn’t want itself to be counted in the same breath. As per a report on TeamBHP, the company is offering compensation to existing S-Cross DDiS 320 owners as well.

Maruti S-Cross price reduction 1

Maruti has offered to an S-Cross customer not just a gift cheque of Rs 90,000 but also a two year or 20,000 km (whichever comes first) maintenance cost package absolutely free of cost. Maruti had earlier in January 2016 reduced the prices of the 1.6 litre version of S-Cross by Rs 2.05 lakhs and upto Rs 66,000 on the 1.3 litre version.

Maruti S-Cross price reduction

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Passing of benefits will definitely help Maruti build a better rapport with existing customers and it will also send a friendly message to all fence-sitters who are contemplating buying cars where Maruti also has its models. Now, somebody please inform Hyundai about this…!

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