Maruti Swift is going to get a mid-life facelift this year

The country’s largest car maker, Maruti Suzuki has not been bringing a plethora of products for some time now. However, if this news snippet from Autocar Professional is to go by, they have got a lot of tricks up their sleeve which they are going to showcase in a while. This article lists Maruti Suzuki’s roadmap for the next couple of years which hints towards the company going all guns blazing at its counterparts.

Maruti Swift is going to get a mid-life facelift this year

Maruti Model Blitz

The first in line would be the Wagon-R faceliftdetails of which we have already shared a few days back. It already is the best seller and the facelift is expected to keep the car fresh. The next launch is quite an interesting bit of news – the insane seller Swift which commands waiting periods north of 4 months will get a mid-life facelift. What impact will it have on Swift’s sales? Its anybody’s guess!

This is the Indian WagonR facelift that is coming soon

The company’s A-Star which is not much of a good doer in the market is also expected to get a facelift which we expect, would be like the Chinese variant of the car. The car is sold as Alto there and the Indian version will get a facelift which might look similar to that.

A long time ago, Zen was the car that got a lot of people under the brand. But since the advent of  Zen Estilo, it has lost all its sheen and the car is just not doing any good to the company’s overall sales. Maruti is adamant in continuing the car and will lend it a makeover this year.

Suzuki SX4 is bound to get a facelift and the launch is pretty much impending with the facelifted version doing rounds around the country. However, apart from this facelift, we also expect an all-new SX4 sometime next year.

They’re also developing an 800cc diesel engine which will be launched by end 2013 or early 2014 and shall be fitted in a lot of products from the house of Maruti Suzuki. This is one step which we expect will have the potential to catapult Maruti’s sales beyond expectations.

Suzuki SX4 4x4 Crossover MotorBash (8)
This is the SX4 4X4 Crossover. Click image to know details and more pics

And last but not the least there will be a SX4 based crossover to garner a share of the CUV segment which is finding a lot of takers in the Indian market. Readers of MotorBash already know about the SX4 Sport 4X4 which we have talked many months back.

Maruti Suzuki is targeting a 40% market share in the Indian automobile market by 2016-17 and is even setting up a plant in Gujarat to achieve that. Going by the plan they have chalked out and the models we see listed here, it definitely looks pretty much achievable for the company.


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Source: AutoCar Professional

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