In a world where Global Warming is the most deadly threat to living organism, a car giant like Maruti Suzuki looks forward to become more environment-friendly. They plan to lower the emissions and reduce greenhouse gas emission of its cars by lowering carbon footprint in manufacturing facilities and invest in new environment-friendly technologies.

Mr. Shinzo Nakanishi, MD and CEO, Maruti Suzuki said: “We have a well thought-out plan to minimise resource use, to become a greener company and safeguard the environment. As we expand our business and put in newer facilities, our focus will be to adopt and invest in new environment friendly technologies and practices to minimize the impact of our business on the environment”.

Maruti has already taken a  few steps to become more energy efficient. Here are some Examples:

  • Usage of 100% LED in  Manesar at Plant B facility.
  • Using natural gas to generate power and minimise carbon emission.
  • Installing steam-driven system to generate power. This system uses steam from the waste heat recovered from gas turbines.
  • Using solar power for street lighting and water heating.
  • Extensive use of solar power as a clean energy source for its operations.

The company is determined to bring down the emission from its manufacturing facilities and cars. The power consumption per car has come down by nearly 30% in Gurgaon in the last decade and by about the same percentage in Manesar in five years. Maruti Suzuki will constantly try to improve operational efficiency by implementing new innovations.

As for cars, the new DZire and the new Swift now emits 4-5 per cent less per kilometre, thanks to the engineers who worked on the efficiency of the vehicle and aerodynamics. Innovative weight reducing techniques are also one of the reasons for lesser emission.



Arghya Pan

Team MotorBash


News Source: Economic Times





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