Maruti Launches Striking WagonR Stingray at Rs 4.10 Lakh; Variants, Pics, Brochure & All Details

With an aim to make its best-selling models even more attractive, Maruti-Suzuki has unleashed the WagonR Stingray. It is a more premium version of the widely popular WagonR, replete with sharper cues, better instruments and well, debatable looks.

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Maruti-Suzuki has aimed at providing a more enviable product to customers who have just set off on their careers, and wouldn’t like to settle down with just the (regular) WagonR. However, we feel they have gone overboard in the process. The phrase “Over the Top” might have acquired a new meaning here.

The WagonR Stingray does appear garish in some places. Take for example the overdose of chrome on the car. We are sure a little bit of austerity wouldn’t make matters much worse. It would also help in improving Maruti-Suzuki’s coffers.

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Debatable. Arguable. Subjective.

That’s what the statement is. On one hand, the more aggressive cues are eye-catching. The stretched headlamps along with similar shaped black fog lamp inserts are a better inclusion over those of the regular WagonR. The redesigned front fascia is attractive for sure. It teams up well with the sporty side skirts, as well as the superior projector headlamps.

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The blacked-out B-pillar strips as well as the rear spoiler add another desirable facet to the perceived image of the WagonR. At the rear, the showfest continues unhindered with the chrome-paired tail-lamps. Oh, and how can we forget to mention those fabulous looking gunmetal colored alloy wheels.

What irks us is the excess of chrome that has been delivered for us Indian buyers. Instead, Maruti-Suzuki could have gone for an overhaul of the shape of the car, and made it edgier like the headlamps. The WagonR Stingray is still, by and far, boxy.


One is greeted by the classy all-black ambience. The upholstery is of better quality than on our regular “Blue Eyed Boy”. There is a newer, stylish blue-themed instrument cluster boasting of a Multi-Information Display system. It throws up a multitude of data like instant and average fuel-efficiency, as well as the distance to empty fuel tank.

We also like the leather-wrapped steering wheel, and the integrated audio controls. However, the obsession with chrome does catch up with the designers. They are present on door handles and AC louvers.

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A fair bit of gizmos and features have been infused into the WagonR Stingray. An audio system with USB and AUX support and backlit buttons finds its way to the interiors. One will also like the tilt adjustable steering and the rear view mirrors that will whirr and swing at the touch of a button.

There are power windows at both the front and the rear with the front featuring an auto-down capability. Space and roominess is quite impressive, with 60:40 split rear seats. Enough space is there to carry tidbits, thanks to the push-type upper glove box and passenger seat under trays.


It is powered by the tried-and-tested 998 cc, 3-cylinder K-Series petrol powerplant. The mill whips up a peak power of 68 PS @ 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of 90 Nm @ 3500 rpm. The K-Series engine won’t be thirsty however and will return 20.51 kmpl of fuel-efficiency.

The Stingray has the option of driver side airbags and ABS on the VXi variant. Maruti-Suzuki has added an environment-friendly touch by ensuring that the WagonR Stingray is OBD-II compliant. It is free of any hazardous substances and can be recycled.


Here are the available trims of the WagonR Stingray :

  • WagonR Stingray Lxi – 409,999/-  INR
  • WagonR Stingray Vxi – 437,999/-  INR
  • WagonR Stingray Vxi (Optional package) – 466,999/-  INR


The Stingray is available in five colors, namely :

  1. Midnight Blue
  2. Passion Red
  3. Glistening Grey
  4. Superior White
  5. Silky Silver

The Midnight Blue is the new addition to the palette.

We are reasonably happy with the introduction of the Stingray when we see it comes with projectors and a fair bit of usable ammo as compared to the regular Wagon and it looks debatably better as well. However, don’t you think this is an inappropriate use of the catchy word ‘Stingray’?

Nonetheless, are you impressed by the WagonR Stingray??

WagonR Stingray Brochure:

Since the size of the official brochure is too big we are providing you a direct link to get connected. CLICK HERE

WagonR Stingray Picture Gallery:

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