With the latest shocking incident at Maruti’s Manesar plant which also claimed life of a senior employee, the company has decided not to employ contract workers anymore. From now onward the company will employ only regular or permanent workers and will also change the procedure of recruiting. The new procedure will be channelized through Maruti Suzuki’s own HR deptt.

Mr. RC Bhargava, Chairman of Maruti Suzuki said, “We will not have any contract worker in the core areas of manufacturing after March 2013. We have decided to change the mode of employment and all future recruitment would be done through the HR department to remove all distortions.

The basics with recruiting contract based workers was an easy option for the companies as it was flexible enough to meet the high or low production demand as per the season specifically the festive season. Keeping this in mind company employed around 50-55% workers who are on contract basis.

Also, the COO (Administration) of Maruti Suzuki Pvt Ltd. said, “It is the need of the industry to get a fair amount of workforce based on production requirements at regular intervals. We have decided to minimise the role of contract workers in our manufacturing process and would eventually employ only permanent workforce to carry out all critical processes in our plants.


News Source: The Economic Times




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