Maruti Teases “New Swift Show Stopper Coming Soon”, Is it Swift Sports?

So, the mystery surrounding the new Swift gets even more interesting but shrouded! Ever since the spotting of some newly manufactured cars, which sported new DRLs and different alloy wheels, at Maruti’s Manesar plant made way things have been real mysterious.

Now, Maruti is running a Facebook campaign which teases something related to Swift which is ‘Coming Soon’ and time and again uses alphabet ‘S’ with Swift. Not that this is something which is clear, but this may hint at the possibility of the company terming the new Swift with DRLs and other changes as (S for) Swift Sports.


There are further hints that Maruti is talking about performance in the form of words like ‘…get mind blown‘ and tyre marks in the teaser pics. Does this mean we can finally expect deserving performance ie the new 1.4L petrol engine or the 90PS VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) version of the 1.3L DDIS, if it actually is the Swift Sport?

New-Swift-DRLs-Sports-Pics (3)
The recently spied ‘New’ Swift at Maruti’s plant. Click for more. Pic Credit:

It is obvious that there are too many loose ends here and this campaign might just be something totally different and we are trying to read too much between the lines, but one thing that is for sure is that there is something, possibly only a mere facelift or a new variant of Swift, or the Swift Sports, that Maruti is preparing and since we have seen production cars ready for dispatches (pic above), we can expect a launch pretty soon…

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