Maruti to Launch ‘RX’ MPV To Rival Toyota Innova

The ‘RX’ here may remind you of those beautiful punchy Yamaha’s 2-strokers which burned our roads during the 90s and the 2000s. Nonetheless, ‘RX’ here is the codename of an upcoming vehicle from Maruti.

Acoording to Livemint, Maruti is preparing an MPV over Ertiga, which is codenamed as ‘RX’ and it is hence, a shot against the Toyota Innova which has been ruling the roost for a long time now despite being a pricey affair.

New ‘RX’ MPV will sit over Ertiga

Here is what Livemint reports about the upcoming car:

  • The report is revealed through an official document and a bunch of 4 people related with the development
  • Maruti’s management has approved the project sometime around January this year and component suppliers have been made aware as well. Which means, we are already almost a year into the developments of the new MPV.
  • RX is expected to be an 8-seater MPV. 
  • It will come with a ‘high-capacity’ diesel engine. This engine is being under development in Japan. We guess, it might be the 1.6L motor that Maruti Suzuki is developing in-house.
  • Maruti intends to launch ‘RX’ sometime around end 2016 or early 2017
  • Products specifics are probably still under discussion
Maruti plans an onslaught of SUVs & this XA-Alpha is one of them. Click pic for more images

Ertiga has been a huge success for Maruti, however, the over 8 Lakh car segment has always been Maruti’s Achilles Heel. However, it is cars and crossovers they have tested till now. A utility vehicle will definitely have a better chance of success specially considering the insane roll Innova is on.

RX is still some time away and we hope to get more concrete dope on the car as time progresses. Keep a watch then!

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