Spottings of the upcoming Maruti-Suzuki hatchback have been continuing unabated for sometime now. The latest incident comes from an obscure online portal that goes by the name

All the spottings so far have happened in and around Gurgaon, which has a Maruti-Suzuki plant in close proximity. The latest incident is no exception to that, and it also appears that the test mule was parked outside a Maruti-Suzuki dealership. Some other cars can also be seen nearby.

We feel it is the same test vehicle that has been playing hide-and-seek with our eyes all the time. It is clad throughout in black fabric, and attempts to remain inconspicuous.


As inferred from the earlier spyshots, it appears that the next-Gen A-Star will be wider in its stance. The major change in appearance lies in the sharper front portion of the test car in comparison to the rounded one of the older A-Star.


Though nothing is conclusive at the moment, we feel the headlamps have gone for a complete overhaul. The earlier headlamps were odd, to say the least and it provided the current A-Star cutesy looks. It appears that the test vehicle has sharper headlamps. In addition to testing the next-Gen A-Star on Indian roads, Suzuki is also trying it on roads in other international markets.


This does show that the A-Star is probably quite close to its introduction in the commercial market. Zen Estilo has been ditched forever, and the current A-Star has been a bummer in terms of sales. It is imperative for Maruti-suzuki to fill this glaring void in their portfolio.

The upcoming model is codenamed as the “YL7” in Maruti-Suzuki circles. It will also be sold in other countries, but by the name of the Alto. Maruti-Suzuki is currently working on a range of small-capacity diesel engines, ranging from 0.8 Liters to 1.4 Liters. Hence, one of them could find its way to this all-new A-Star as well. We feel the 800cc engine has maximum chances of making the cut. All these engines being developed are turbo-diesel units, hence the 800 cc will not be any laggard in terms of performance.

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