At the launch of Celerio Diesel yesterday, Maruti Suzuki was quick to point at the top three most fuel efficient cars, all of which are now Marutis! Honda created a wave with their Amaze, which was followed up with City, making it the most fuel efficient car in the country for many months, till Maruti launched Ciaz.

Ciaz, at 26.21 kmpl became the champion only till February when it was shot down by its own sibling – Dzire! And yesterday, as was expected and known, Celerio diesel, with its puny little 2 cylinder 800cc diesel motor walked away with the crown of being India’s most fuel efficient car with an FE rating of 27.62 kmpl.


Top Most Fuel Efficient Cars


Here is how the top three stand at the moment..

  • Maruti Celerio Diesel : 27.62 kmpl
  • Maruti Dzire: 26.59 kmpl
  • Maruti Ciaz: 26.21 kmpl

The Hondas – City and Amaze with fuel efficiency ratings of 26.0 Kmpl and 25.8 kmpl respectively, have been reduced to number four and five. Note that all these top cars carry diesel engines.


All the fuel efficiency figures mentioned here are ARAI-certified officially registered numbers. You may want to debate that all these are just marketing tactics but this is how it is! But on a positive note, this healthy competition between manufacturers is indeed helping us get more fuel efficient cars every day (did someone say, at the cost of performance?)!



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