Gone are the heydays of Maruti-Suzuki in Indian Motown. Though it still has a few appreciated models like the Swift and the more recent Ertiga, there’s no denying the fact that its clout has declined due to the invasion of more brands.

In a bid to reclaim the old glory, Maruti-Suzuki is planning to bridge a yawning chasm in its portfolio.


SUVs have never been Maruti-Suzuki’s cup of tea. Agreed that their first offering was indeed a patriotic one and many of them have probably ended up as mangled, charred heaps of metal along the border, it still left a lot to be desired. The other one had a really grand name but it never became Graaand on the sales charts.

The current scenario shows a hectic activity in the Compact SUV segment. After all, it was the one which propelled a lesser-known French automaker to the status of a media doyen. Then came Blue Oval in the same segment, and has captured the imagination of many. Others are expected to follow suit, with a flurry of sketches, spyshots and renders being made available in the last few weeks.

Maruti-Suzuki might not get a blazing headstart, but it won’t stay huddled in a corner either. According to a report by Financial Express, it is preparing for the launch of a slew of SUVs in the coming years. Mayank Pareek, COO for Marketing & Sales, has expressed that it is a new avenue for growth and a gain of 3-4% of market share isn’t far-fetched.

Here are the details of the Upcoming SUVs from Maruti:

  • SX4 Crossover: The first SUV will be a a crossover variant of the SX4 (Codenamed : YAD) with a higher ground clearance
    and boasting of several premium features. This will be launched by end-2014
  • XA-Alpha: It might be followed by a compact SUV (code: YBA) in 2015 based on the XA Alpha concept shown at the Auto Expo last year and will gun for the Ford EcoSport.
  • A third larger SUV model is also expected in the┬ápremium end of the spectrum, which will probably replace the Grand
    Vitara but with a lower entry price.


It is a shocking reality that Maruti-Suzuki isn’t present at all in the SUV segment, though Ertiga has been a revelation as a Utility Vehicle. Nevertheless, what bodes well for the manufacturer is that their new models will possess diesel powerplants. Currently, both Maruti and Suzuki are collaborating on indigenous diesel mills.

Another confidence-inspiring fact is the presence of a sprawling dealership network at the beck and call of Maruti-Suzuki. Infact, it is bigger than those of the two nearest rivals combined. It might help them in making up for the time they have lost due to a late start.

Are you excited??




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