Maserati Confirms Diesel Levante for India; Exclusive Interview with Bojan Jankulovski

Maserati’s comeback in India seems like a fairy tale thanks to the mess which it’s last innings with the Shreyans Group created. However, this time the company is taking utmost care to make things happen the Maserati way. But what are their future plans?

At the launch conference our Delhi correspondent Neelanjan Chakraborty got a chance to speak with the recently appointed Head of Operations for India, Bojan Jankulovski. He revealed that India is a very important market for the brand. They are going to further beef up the portfolio with their first ever sports SUV, the Levante which will be arriving mid-2016. This will be followed by their next grand tourer Alfieri in 2017.

Maserati Levante Kubang

He also added that the Levante will be powered by a V6 petrol mill and their turbocharged 3.0 litre diesel mill. Here is a small excerpt from the conversation:

MotorBash: Maserati seems to be working on a hybrid power plant would you like to share any updates on that?

Bojan Jankulovski: We are considering that as an option. Of course it all depends on the requirements and infrastructure. It is too soon to have more information on it and confirm something.

Maserati Kubang Levante

MotorBash: What about your Cayenne challenger SUV Levante? Any plans of bringing it to India?

Bojan Jankulovski: The Levante is our first luxury SUV and it will enter the market next year.

MotorBash: The global as well as the Indian market?

Bojan Jankulovski: Well, that will be mid 2016 for India depending on the global launch.

MotorBash: So the Levante will get the V6 or the V8?

Bojan Jankulovski: It will get the V6 petrol and not the V8 for now. It shall also get the 3.0 litre V6 diesel.

MotorBash: And what about the 2+2 grand tourer Alfieri? Will it be coming to India?

Bojan Jankulovski: This will be following the Levante, so practically from 2017 onwards.

MotorBash: Early 2017?

Bojan Jankulovski: It is too early to say when!

MotorBash: With Ferrari coming out with an IPO, Maserati has become the new flagship brand for FCA. What challenges do you foresee in that?

Bojan Jankulovski: Maserati invested a lot in the brand, in the product and production facilities. Of course we have a big plate on our table to meet the commitments we have made to the Group. So that means we have to meet the sales volume target, meet the introduction of new models in the coming years. We and our partners have a bright future worldwide and in India.

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