Barely a few days after this news broke out that Skoda will sport new logos on their Fabia hatch internationally, we have something for India as well. 

Our hawk eyes snapped this Fabia cutting across the Pune bypass at triple digit speeds with a significant difference. No its not the engine nor it is anything related to the cosmetics that caught our attention.


Look right at the decals and the logo! Yups, you guessed it. This Fabia is running on the latest logos and badges which Skoda unveiled only a few days back. That they are making their way into the Indian market so early are positive signs.

Here is the new Skoda logo
New Skoda Lettering

What’s the fuss about these logos?

With these new-look logo theme, Skoda wants to signify their growth and a ambitious targets to sell 1.5 million units per year by 2018.


So what has changed?

  • For the first time ever, you will see ‘Skoda’ lettered independent name at the back of the car (The left side logo in this test mule). Till now it was integrated in the logo which rested at the center.
  • The new fresher logo comes without the ‘Skoda’ lettering. The chrome finished winged arrow resting on matte black background looks much better.
  • The boring ‘Fabia’ font (at the right side of this mule) has been changed to a more modern looker.
  • The new logo is also to be found at the front, steering and many other places.
  • Apart from this, the engine letterings such as ‘HTP’, TDI’ or others will also adorn a new look. 
New Fabia Badge

Spotting of this mule indicates that Skoda will soon officially unveil this new branding theme in India and we can expect this Fabia to make way pretty soon. Will it percolate to other products as well? Would there be any changes to the engine bits or anything else? Doesn’t look likely!


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