MB Xclusive: Volkswagen Vento CNG Spied in Pune; Launch Should be Soon

It seems Volkswagen is beginning to understand the Indian market slowly but surely. Looking at the current trend of major percentage of car buyers ditching petrol-only cars and choosing

alternate fuels, manufacturers are also trying to provide options in CNG and LPG apart from diesel.


The more interesting point here is that this trend has reached C2 segment sedans. The latest to join the CNG bandwagon is Honda with its City CNG which was launched a few days back at 9.54 Lac. Now, in an exclusive scoop, we reveal the next entrant here – Volkswagen! These spy pics confirm that Volkswagen is busy testing the CNG variant of its smallest sedan here in India, Vento.


Featured here is a red hot Vento with CNG pipes and a few wires running through the roof from the rear trunk. We spotted this mule yesterday afternoon in Pune, followed it up for a few kms and after noticing us taking pictures, this Vento driver took a turn and sped away.

The interiors were also all full with wires hanging everywhere, a few of which could also be seen in the attatched pics. These are the first and only pics of Vento CNG over the web. 


We know your next question would be – “What is that TDI badge doing over there?” That is what our question, infact, is! And let us assure you, that Vento CNG is not coming in diesel. So, the best guess we can make is, “to fool everyone“. We have seen Volkswagen do that earlier as well.


The Volkswagen Vento CNG would have a factory fitted kit unlike Honda City CNG. Expected price hike would be in the range of Rs 50,000- 60,000. We expect the launch to take place pretty soon. Now that we have revealed the Vento CNG to you, let us turn our attention to the next probable candidate, Skoda Rapid, if the Germans are planning to equip it with this cheaper fuel option. Stay tuned till we dig deep.

Update: Check First Conclusive Pictures of Vento CNG


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