McLaren-Honda to Bring Back Classic Orange and Red Colours to Formula 1

McLaren-Honda are all set to bring back the legendary orange and white colours of the MP4/4 back to the Formula 1 circuit. The legendary car driven by Senna will be brought back to life in a modern avatar by the present day McLaren-Honda drivers, Alonso and Button.

McLaren Honda 2

Alonso who recently left Ferrari to come back to his former team McLaren-Honda may seem to have unfinished business here but make no mistake, being one of the most successful teams ever, McLaren and Honda have once again collaborated to recreate magic. The Woking based team had switched to Silver back in 1997 thanks to its collaboration with Mercedes, but since the German manufacturer’s exit to form their own team and the re-introduction of Honda as the engine supplier, it is only right to bring back the old.

McLaren Honda 1

Although not 100 per cent confirmed but there are also rumours that the car be kept completely white, which will be an acknowledgement to not just Honda but also to McLaren as their first ever Formula 1 car, back in 1966, was white (with shades of green).

The orange and red colours will also be a tribute to one of the greatest Formula 1 racers of all times, who met his untimely demise at a race track in 1994, Ayrton Senna. In another piece of news, there is also the news that Honda would be the only team which will be not allowed to develop their engine throughout 2015 as for new engine suppliers under the Turbo V6 regulations the homologation date is February 28! No such date exists for suppliers who are spending a second year under this set of rules.



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