Mercedes B-Class Coming in Diesel; A-Class to Follow Suit

The most affordable Mercedes in India currently, the B-Class Sports MPV was launched recently by the German Auto Major. 

The car is huge with generous space inside and has attracted a fair bit of attention. But the biggest downside to the whole offer is it is available only with a petrol engine.

With the sudden shift of paradigm in India, diesel cars (at least this side of 20-25 Lacs) are a hot favorite. The presence of petrol-only model for B-Class, inferring relatively lower sales has not given Mercedes enough to initiate local assembly of the car.

A-Class Spied in India recently. Click on the image to see exclusive spyshot gallery

According to an AutoCar report, the problem with the transversely mounted diesel engines that power the new Mercedes Front-Wheel-Drive cars come with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). Our Indian diesel has too much sulphur in it and DPF do not work here.

Mercedes has been working to find a solution for this issue and has reportedly latched upon one clearing all the paths to launch diesel powered smaller cars here. The first one to make an Indian entry is expected to be the lower powered 200CDI which we expect in both the upcoming A-Class and existing B-Class.

Further, there are reports that more powerful 220CDI and 250CDI would also make an entry but at a later stage.

If you are unaware, Mercedes is planning to launch the most affordable A-Class in India and we have the exclusive pictures of its test mules roaming around in Pune [Check them here].


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Source: AutoCar

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