The Indian car customers have been a harried lot. For decades, they had curvaceous Ambassador and Premier Padmini on their menu card. After the soft-spoken economist-turned-Prime-Minister opened up economic barriers in 1991, quite a few automakers hurried across with their goods. But never have we Indians been treated exclusively by any company.

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Stuttgart based luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz is strivinghard in India. The intentions are clear, they have been pushed by their  counterparts and now they want to set records straight. By the end of this month Indian car space will see the formation of a new segment – luxury hatchbacks, as a gorgeous looking compact will strut across from their stable. It’s their A-Class luxury compact car! Mercedes has already previewed the car and here are the details. Pics Credit: Team-Bhp

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About A-Class

The unique diamond radiator-grille is the first to catch one’s eye, and it oozes loads of opulence. It will accomplish what it’s created for, i.e. to elevate the owner to another level. Reluctantly moving on to the headlamps, we find hints of a generous resemblance to those on a B-Class Merc. The frontal portion is very well carved, and it does look intimidating.

Even though it’s a compact car, it doesn’t really feel small. It’s proportions have quite managed to hit the “aesthetic” feel, without bordering on overkill. The coupe-like styling is pleasing to look at, and the rear door’s cut-out deserves a special mention. The wheels are worth every stare they get, courtesy the special petal-shaped design.

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A look at the integrated rear spoiler, and the only word we can mouth is “edgy”. The generous wrapping of the extra-gloss black panelling around the rear windshield will ensure that onlookers turn their heads and stare as this chunky beauty passes by. Trademark Merc Arrow-Head shaped tail-lamps will do their job in the dark and look extremely good in these pics!

It’s time to open the doors and slide inside. Awesome! Jet black interiors with outcroppings of silver here and there….Ooh la la!! The instrument cluster appears well-loaded, and a significant 14.7cm TFT screen protrudes out of the dashboard. Six speakers at our disposal, a moving-orchestra-on-wheels….Bach’s and Chopin’s mellifluous pieces would definitely create a romantic setting for your-special-her if you take her on a ride!

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And then there is the presence of panaromic sunroof. And if you jump on to the driver’s seat casually, you will be taken off-guard when you will try to find the ‘stick’. Mercedes has placed it, very interestingly, as a stalk towards the right side of the steering and a similar left side spot is grabbed by a cruise-control stick.

Looking at the state of things inside, it appears to be pretty comfy but still a 5th passenger might find it tight to sneak in. The front row seats are adjustable, and have got ample legroom. It’s the rear where things appear somewhat clingy, and the boot space is just about okayish!

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Mercedes A-Class Variants

This lady will be available as two offerings : A 180 CDI (Diesel) and A 180 Sport (Petrol). The petrol will be made available right after its launch but diesel’s deliveries might spill to a month or two. A 7-speed Dual-Clutch transmission with paddle shifts will mate the mill to the wheels. Lots of trinkets carried by this lady… Bi-Xenon Headlamps, 7 Airbags, ABS, ESP, Acceleration Skid Control, Adaptive Brake Lights, Attention Assist, Hill Start Assist, Brake Assist, Electric Parking Brake, Tyre Pressure Loss Warning…you name it, you get it!!!

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Mercedes-Benz India is very optimistic about their latest offering and fancy this compact’s chances against similar models from their German counterparts Audi and BMW. They have already drawn first blood by unveiling the A-Class much before the Audi’s A3 and the Bavarian giant’s 1-series (which is coming in September). Mercedes hasn’t revealed the prices of A-Class yet but we expect them to hover around the 20 Lakh mark.

Mercedes Benz have left no stone unturned and they are tramping around in the cyberspace now. Their Twitter campaign for this car #Aclasspulsate trended within a week, and their Official Facebook page has garnered over 1 million fans. They are present on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest as well. They are going all over the social web to create that roaring interest in the car.

MTV has joined hands for the A-Class campaign, and is doing well to spread the word. The cynosure of the online agenda is an ongoing online contest, where the winner has a chance to get his hands on the A-Class compact, or get a chance to let his/her hair down in the dream destination of Ibiza!

The Mercedes Benz A-Class Compact Car will officially launch on the 30th of May.





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