Mercedes Launches M-Guard at Rs 2.49 Crores in India; Next Level of Safety: Pics & Details

If you are one of the rare birds the system considers as an “important” or “very important person,” Merc has brought in a new ride; and it is bulletproof at that.

The armored sport utility vehicle based on its M Class is called the M-Guard and it meets all the requirements of Resistance Level VR4, which in turn means that it can take a few hand grenades and spray of lead directed at you by people with whom you have a difference of opinion regarding some trivial.


The M-Guard is the latest addition to the Guard family of vehicles manufactured by the German luxury car manufacturer along with armoured S-Guard, E-Guard, G-Guard.


The windows of the latest M-Guard are made up of several glass layers in a special sandwich structure with an additional polycarbonate inner layer to prevent the penetration of projectiles while protecting the occupants from glass splinters. The passenger cabin is surrounded by special steel plates and this tank of a car has run-flat tires and 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive for quick getaway from sticky situations.

M-Guard Interiors

The M-Guard obviously gains weight over the standard M-Class SUV and so the suspension set up as well as powerplant options come with higher specifications. The M-Guard is kitted with a 4663cc V8 petrol motor capable of producing 408 horses and a whooping 600Nm of torque which is mated to a 7-Speed dual clutch transmission.


The M-Guard, understandably, comes with a hefty price tag of Rs 2.49 Crores ex-showroom in Delhi and if you are befuddled as to get one or not, perhaps the following list might help:

  • The M-Guard complies with VR4 protection class in accordance with Bullet Resistant Vehicles 2009 (BRV 2009) standards.
  • Since its factory made you get the full Mercedes warranty.
  • You can configure your M-Guard with wide range of features.
  • 7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission.
  • THERMATIC automatic climate control.
M-Guard Bullet Proof Glass

Mercedes is probably targeting high-rank politicians and business tycoons with this new Guard version of ML500. Will a normal gentleman like you and me consider buying one?

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