Michelin Announces All-Weather CrossClimate Tyres

Michelin, the inventors of radial tyres, have made a special tyre which they claim can be used in all weather conditions, be it summer or winter. The Michelin CrossClimate, scheduled to be launched first in Europe in May 2015, combines winter as well as summer tyre technologies to deliver a certain level of safety in all weather conditions throughout the year.

Michelin CrossClimate

It helps in stopping in short distances on dry ground and at the same time has earned the top A rating in wet braking as per European standards. It is approved for winter use, proved with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) certification which is displayed on the sidewall of each tyre, indicating that it can be used in all seasons, even in countries that require special equipment for winter driving. It shall also stick to the ethos of Michelin tyres, providing long mileage, energy efficiency, and a comfortable ride.

Michelin CrossClimate Sizes

Road conditions can change even in just a few hours. Rain and snow increases the drivers’ need to be properly equipped in changing weather conditions, to ensure their safety and that of their loved ones. One does not simply have to compromise on performance just because of a change in weather.

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