It has been nearly four years since Renault officially launched the Duster at the Geneva Motor Show. Globally the Duster is also sold under the Dacia banner. What India gets is not just a rebadged Duster; it is believed that the car has gone through a lot of changes to make it specific for our Indian market.

The butch looking car has been placed as an urban SUV in India and to add a bit of off road capabilities, the suspension as well as the underside has been strengthened, and the ground clearance has also been increased. The only two things missing in the Duster’s Indian line up have been a four by four (4X4) and an automatic transmission. Hopefully, at least one of the gaps – the 4×4 variant, will be plugged soon.

2014-Renault-Duster-Facelift-Pics (4)
Duster facelift is expected to be launched in India soon

We know how our market just went crazy about the Duster, the SUV which is single handedly doing it for the Renault brand in our country. Now the latest and an interesting update coming right from the company is that ours is the fourth largest market for Duster and so far Renault has sold 85,974 units of the brawny SUV.


Add to that, the millionth Duster was made at Renault’s plant in Curitiba, Brazil, and will be delivered to a customer in the same country. The SUV is currently sold in more than 100 countries and manufactured in five factories including Brazil, Columbia, India, Romania and Russia. The Chennai plant builds Dusters not only for the local market but also exports them to South Africa and Indonesia as a Renault and to the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Ireland as a Dacia.

Selling 10 lac units of a particular model is not a mean feat, also in the year 2013 alone, 3,76,000 units of Renault Duster have been sold. The only 3 countries which better us are Russia, France and Brazil. Here is a list of the number of units for the top five markets:

Top 5 Market for Duster:

Market Brand Total sales since launch
Russia Renault 151,633
France Dacia 145,612
Brazil Renault 117,303
India Renault 85,974
Germany Dacia 70,159

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