Mini Xylo caught testing, yet again has caught the long awaited Mini-Xylo testing yet again on the Mumbai Pune Expressway.  The car still is under the wraps and Mahindra either wants to be dead sure about ‘this’ step so an exhaustive testing in underway or probably they are waiting for the ‘Right Time’ to strike.



In either cases I don’t know what is ‘This’ and ‘Right Time’! In these days when utility vehicles (UVs) are fast becoming everyone’s choices manufacturers are fast beginning to launch products in this segment – either in the softer form like the Ertigas from Suzuki or probably this one from Mahindra. A 7 seater mini-SUV, if priced well, is seriously the need of the hour.


Talking about the product spied:

  •  From what all is visible it seems the mini-Xylo finds designing cues from the existing Xylo and the upcoming Xylo.
  • The front grille is looks a combo of both of them and not as bad looking as the current Xylo and seems to be inspired more from the upcoming Xylo
  • Front lamps are same as existing Xylo
  • The BridgeStone tyres look smaller
  • In the pics, the car has the regular back mounted spare wheel
  • The rear bumper seems to be minimalistic and small. Any bigger it would have touched the rear tyre.

When is this car hitting the markets is the talk of the tinsel town. Let’s wait till Mahindra decides…





Saad Khan



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