Mitsubishi Cedia

If you have forgotten that there is a company called as Mitsubishi in India which still exists, here we hit the refresh button for you. Hindustan Motors/Mitsubishi is very much present here but have not been really aggressive in the market.

Mitsubishi Cedia

Very recently the company launched Pajero Sports and have plans to discontinue the old workhorse Pajero SFX in India. In a new development, Mitsubishi has launched an upgraded 2012 Cedia Select with a host of new features which majorly provide communication-on-the-go.

Prominent Features of 2012 Cedia Select

  • 7- inch MapMyIndia Android based CarPad: This device is multi-functional and enables the customer to perform all the tasks which a normal tablet would perform like making calls, watching television, video-chatting, browsing internet among a host of other features. Obviously navigating around places is the foremost duty. This tablet is portable and can be mounted either on the screen or at the back of headrests or could be taken out and used outside the car.
  • Day & Night Rear View Mirror
  • Front Airbags
  • Child Protection Rear Lock
  • 4-speaker Kenwood DVD Player with 6.1 inch touch screen interface: This player is GPS compatible and has bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Rear View Camera


Mitsubishi Cedia Select continues to use the 2.0L petrol engine which produces 115PS (@5250rpm) of power and a very healthy 175Nm (@4250 rpm) of torque. The regular features of the car:

  • 3-spoke leather wrapped hydraulic power steering
  •  Oyster Leather seats
  • New two-tone beige interior & beige floor-mats
  • 12-spoke alloy wheels
  • High-intensity clear lens halogen headlamps
  • 2-stage horizontal slat matte black grille


Price & Colors:

The new 2012 Cedia Select is available in 3 color options – White Speed, Black Flash & Rally Red

Mitusbishi has priced the new Cedia Select at 8.90 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi. At this price and considering the performance of the car, Cedia does make a really good buy.





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