Mitsubishi Pajero Sport around the corner


Yes, finally the Mitsubishi is going to launch the upgrade to its any-time off-road lover, Pajero, the Pajero Sport. Though we still are awaiting the exact dates. SUV lovers, read on, you may get the amount of patience required or lose it. Who knows?

Unlike the existing Pajero, the Pajero Sport look more like soft-roader but when it comes to its capabilities, it is not even a bit lesser than the existing model. The front grille looks more like umm, say Cedia or the one on previous generation Outlander and headlamp units gets the projectors inside with clear lens type reflectors. It is based on a truck, a pick-up truck named Triton, so it won’t look anything like the existing one, but without the rear leaf spring suspension set-up (standard on Triton), it will come with a three link coil-spring and damper set-up with a stabilizer bar for more comfort and front is a spring loaded damper with double wishbone and a stabilizer bar. The wheels will now be 16 inchers and with a ladder type chasse, it’s one hell of a off-roader with high clearance suspension which won’t touch the body no matter what. Also, it comes with the familiar Super Select 4WD as what Mitsubishi calls it and it is good as well, it’s tried and tested, it even allows you to choose between rear wheel drive only or 4 wheel drive upto 100 km per hr! Though I expected it to come with an all electronic Super Select 4 WD II which already does the duty on the third generation Pajero/Montero. And even though we don’t know which engine will do the duty, we know other bits like a huge, very huge 406 mm disc brakes up front and drums measuring 295 mm! Down rear!

Well, with all these ‘a bit’ of things, we expect a price tag of somewhere between 20-25 lacs INR.

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