Mitsubishi in India has been known only for two names, the Lancer and the Pajero. While one has been famous for speed, the other for its ruggedness.

The original Pajero was discontinued by the company and a more modern Pajero Sport was introduced which has been doing fairly decently for the company. Mitsubishi recently introduced a limited edition of the Pajero Sport with dual tone paint scheme on the exterior. And now, the Japanese Evolutionists have decided to be a bit more aggressive and have plans to add an automatic transmission to their Pajero Sport.


So far Mitsubishi has given us only a manual transmission for the SUV and as has been in the news recently, an automatic transmission version of Pajero Sport will be launched on 15th of November in India. The 5-Speed Automatic gearbox will come only in the 4×2 version of Pajero Sport.

The 2.5 L diesel mill produces 178.4 PS of power at 4,000 rpm and 400Nm of torque between 2,000 to 2,500 rpm. While its biggest competition, the Toyota Fortuner has a bigger heart but the way the power delivery has been calibrated in the mid-range in case of the Pajero Sport is very interesting. But the news that the automatic gearbox will come only in the 4×2 version does come as a slight disappointment.

Mitsubishi has already updated its website with a teaser and a timer which counts down to the D-Day, however it reads ‘Launch of New Pajero Sport’!




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