Being fully aware of the risk of being called unfashionable and even antiquated, I make my next statement. I like the older dual-tone Pajero SFX! I like it better than the current model. Yeah, yeah, the newer one is better in almost all aspects and looks trendy and what not, but I like a bit of boxiness in my SUVs. The wind tunnel defined cars may be the ‘in’ thing, but we are talking genuine mud bashing here, not land speed record.

2012-Mitsubishi-Pajero-SportNonetheless, Pajero SFX is no more on sale and it is the Pajero Sport that the company is focussing on big time and frankly speaking it is the only product in their stable that is doing some business for them and can be called as a ‘success’ by Mitsubishi standards.

The good news, then, is that the Pajero Sport is being given an Automatic Transmission which will go in addition to the current 5-speed manual transmission that is on offer. The AT box will be mated to the same 2.5L diesel motor.

A report in the Economic Times avers that partners Hindustan Motors and Mitsubishi have come to an agreement to launch the automatic version of their premium sports utility vehicle during the next fiscal as confirmed by Hindustan Motors Chairman C K Birla.

Pajero Sport was launched in March 2012 in India and in October of the same year the company started with its local assembly which resulted in a price reduction of around Rs 2 Lakhs on the SUV.


The manual Pajero Sport retails at around INR 24 lacs in the country currently and the automatic will cost more obviously. Looks aside, the Pajero Sport is one of the vehicles you would take to explore new continents. The 2.5 liter 16-valve engine with double overhead cams and common rail DI is known for its reliability. Aided with a variable geometry turbocharger and intercooler, the engine develops a zealous 178PS and 400Nm. Add in Mitsubishi’s Super Select 4WD system and you get something as potent as a war horse on steroid.

Our Pajeros fortunately aren’t called upon war duties. They usually spend most of their time threading through city traffic and an automatic makes sense there.

Mitsubishi to Launch 2014 Outlander in India

Also revealed in the report is ‘another model’ from Mitsubishi stables into India. And that another model, we believe is the 2014 Outlander which will also come with a diesel engine in its new avatar. (More Details)


It seems Mitsubishi has understood that SUVs and crossovers is the way to go in India and that is the strategy they are following. However, one question leaves us confused – Why doesn’t Mitsubishi consider India as an important market for them, still?




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