The one Japanese company that has been often accused of not taking India seriously is waking up from slumber it seems. It has transpired that there are quite a few things cooking in the Mitsubishi oven.

According to a report published on Autocar, Mitsubishi’s global mid-term business plan for FY 2014 – FY 2016, called the ‘New Stage 2016’ has in it to introduce myriad of cars in India, some of them are just listed here.



One of the new vehicle is confirmed to be the long-touted Mirage hatchback, which is a B1 segment car against the likes of i10 and others. The hatchback Mirage (or Space Star; as it is known in Europe) is a subcompact front-engined, front-wheel drive car which is powered by a 1.2L 3 cylinder petrol motor producing 78PS/100Nm and comes fitted with manual or CVT transmission.


Mitsubishi-Attrage-sedanA sedan built around the same platform would be another choice for Mitsubishi’s game plans in India. The only trouble with the sedan; called Mitsubishi Attrage, being the slight lengthy proportion for the liking of our sub-4-meter scale. The Attrage, as it stands, is a full 245 mm longer than 4 meters making competitive pricing a bit of a trouble for Mitsubishi. Attrage also gets the same 1.2L 3 cylinder petrol engine capable of producing 78PS of power output and 100Nm of torque.



The long-in-news Pajero Sport Automatic has been lined up for a launch this year and according to Autocar, launch will take place in September-October 2014, around the festive season. A 5-Speed Automatic gearbox is expected to be mated to the same 2.5L diesel engine which produces 178PS currently. Like the regular MT version, Pajero Sport AT may also be assembled at Mitsubishi/HM’s Chennai plant.

Other SUVs, Crossovers:


This is not it! Mitsubishi has plans to launch two more SUVs or Crossovers in the country. This hints at the possibility of the introduction of the Outlander crossover in diesel.

So, in a couple of years, the line-up for Mitsubishi India may look like this:

  1. Pajero MT (Existing)
  2. Montero (Existing)
  3. Pajero Sport AT
  4. Mirage 5-door hatch
  5. Attrage sedan
  6. New Outlander Diesel
  7. Another new crossover/SUV

Despite being long here in the market, Mitsubishi is the least selling car manufacturer in the country. There is no doubt that they have good products but they are just not serious about the Indian market so far. If this report of introduction of these new models is something to go by, we may see the rise of another Jap and bring in some more healthy competition in the market.




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