When it was launched, we had predicted that Mobilio may not end up being one of Honda’s big volume churners, primarily because of its higher price tag. So, while Ertiga and Innova continue to do fantastically well, sales of Mobilio have been consistently falling and for the month of September 2015, they are the worst ever!

So, for the last three months, sales have not crossed 1000 units and for the last five months, they have continuously witnessed a steep fall. And this has NOT to do with Honda swapping production of their cars every month. Just a glimpse of the sales of the last five months will reveal that Honda’s only MPV for our market is just not being liked by the customers and is faring way below expectations.


With the obvious exception of CR-V, Mobilio has also become Honda’s lowest selling car beating Brio which sold 759 units in September 2015. The last time Mobilio touched 600 levels was in April this year when it sold 689 units in all.

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To catapult sales, Honda started offering discounts on the car for the first time in May this year and ever since then it has been on offers. The latest step to arrest the fall is the introduction of special ‘Celebration Edition’ back in September. How will sales pan out in the times to come can not be predicted at the moment, but what it has again brought to light is – you should not overestimate an upcoming car’s price tag and inflate it to levels which do not make a lot of sense…





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