Mobilio Sales Drop to an All-Time Low of 2098 Units in December 2014

Honda has very beautifully crafted a product onslaught selecting only the fastest moving segments for their revival in India. City, Amaze and Mobilio have been their trump cards till now and there would be a few more to follow.

Amaze and City have settled to some real respectable figures, however, their latest launch Mobilio MPV, after it started with bumper sales, is seen dwindling! In the official sales figures Honda has shared with us, they have reported total sales of only 2098 units of Mobilio in December 2014, its lowest so far.


You may say, 2000 units for an MPV are not real bad and we agree with that. However, when you consider Mobilio’s average sales of over 4100 units for the first 5 months of its launch, you will understand the gap. In November 2014, Mobilio’s domestic sales stood at 3588 units.

To make the point even more glaring, Innova has been consistently selling over 5000 units and Ertiga has just fallen twice under 5000 units in the last 6 months of sales (June -Nov 2014). So, its pretty much evident that its the Mobilio that has definitely seen a plunge against a segment which has remained relatively stable.

Now there is one possibility here – Honda may be intentionally supressing Mobilio’s production to give the bandwidth to other models in the lineup, like what they have been doing for some time now, because of their limited production capabilities (despite the new plant).

Honda-Mobilio-MPV-Pic (2)

They did sell more Amaze compact sedans than what they have in the past few months, a possibility that they may have given Mobilio’s production to Amaze, a process which they have been following for the last few months, to keep juggling around their products so that none of them gets neglected for a long time. Honda did a similar thing with the Brio as well as the City to distribute the load.

However, what negates this understanding is – Honda has officially confirmed that they will produce the Mobilio at their Greater Noida plant and Amaze (along with City) from the new Tapukara plant. You can read more on this  here.

Things are expected to become more complicated when they will launch their premium hatchback Jazz later this year.

The next possibility is – Fall of interest in the MPV after the initial hype. If this is true, this may mean people are preferring Ertiga considering it as a better preposition than Mobilio. And if this is true, it has clearly to do a lot with its (Mobilio’s) enthusiastic pricing.

And its not going to be easy for Mobilio considering that Renault is slated to launch their Lodgy MPV which will be slugging out in the same segment, And, though not in the same segment, but we also have the Datsun Go+ which is getting launched within this month.

We will wait for a few more months to understand the trend, which is when it will get clearer, if the Mobilio is indeed losing steam.

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