Tesla. A brand which prides itself on its creativity and innovation. A company built by a founder who is aiming to change the way the world travels. With sustainability at its core, Tesla’s founder Elon Musk is committed to keep the charge running. And to make this possible, the US based manufacturer will have to set up another facility to meet the ever growing demand round the world. Can India be their new home?

Well our Road Transport and Highways minister, Mr Nitin Gadkari certainly hopes so. He recently visited their facility near San Francisco and has offered to promote joint ventures between Tesla and Indian automobile manufacturers. He believes this will help in popularising pollution free road transport in India, especially in the commercial and public motor vehicle sectors.

Tesla Model 3

He proposed to Tesla senior  executives to make India their Asia manufacturing hub. He also said that he will provide land near major Indian ports to facilitate export of their vehicles to South East Asian and other nations. The folks at Tesla in turn appreciated the offer made by the Indian minister and have said that it will be considered at the appropriate time in the future. The biggest news though is the confirmation that the Model 3 will be sold in India!

Tesla has received more than 4 lakh bookings for the Model X, some of which are from India as well. They are even inviting suggestions of locations for demonstration for their battery packs which can store electricity from the power grid and solar panels, making it a dream for remote locations.





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