More Pictures & Details of Duster Facelift [15 Pictures Gallery]

Duster has been an instant success in our country when it was introduced first time here but there was a consistent cry about its below par interiors. And now after the fresher Terrano, many people feel Duster needs a cosmetic makeover as well.

It is already known that Renault is working on a facelifted Duster for India. Meanwhile, it has already showcased the Duster facelift under its budget brand Dacia which is the very originator of Duster.


The restyled Duster is quite a looker. Besides having a name that reminds me of something that we used to find near our classroom blackboard, the face-lifted Duster has a lot going for it. And it is expected that people are going to fall in love again with it the moment they see the new Duster in the showrooms.

On the new Duster, there is an inclusion of the frugal 125 PS petrol engine, which promises good fuel economy. While it may not come to India, its fuel efficiency figures of 15.7 kms to every litre are interesting.

The Duster in its new avatar looks taut and purposeful. The panel gaps are minimal and the overall look conveyed by the new Duster is butch and solid. The interiors have the unmistakable European look and feel to it but the best part is they look better quality.


And if you are the type who carry your house while travelling you will love its modular interior. With the rear seats out of the way, there is enough room in it for you to literally camp in it. Renault claims that it has better NVH levels too compared to the older model.

If you are not really going mud-hopping in Duster, the 4×2 version which we have in our country is a real good buy. The looks are good and the build quality is also applauded. In case you are one of those rare eggs who make their SUVs do what it is designed (or claimed) to do, you are going to sorely miss the 4×4 (4WD) version.


Renault doesn’t offer the 4WD Duster in India but there are chances that the same may come to India sometime next year. Renault also builds the Dacia Duster at its Chennai plant for export to a number of countries. And there are all the chances of our India Duster facelift sharing majority of design cues from its Dacia branded cousin.

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