Tata is reportedly working on a turbocharged version of the Nano, which is to be launched during the festive season. If this report on Autocar India goes true, we are getting not one or two but three new Nano(s) this season!Here is the complete list for your easy understanding:

  • Nano Twist Active: which will feature a bigger fuel tank and an openable rear tail gate,
  • Nano Twist F-Tronic: AMT version of the Nano, will have the bigger tank and openable tail gate,
  • Nano Turbocharged: a turbocharged Nano with more power output.

We have talked about a Nano Plus sometime back where we said that Tata is working on an 800cc petrol engine for the small car. It was reported that the car was making sound unlike its present version. So is this the same car? Or a new one? Well, that is one hell of a mystery!

Tata-Nano-Facelift-tailgate-automatic (1)
Latest spotting of Nano facelift from Rajasthan. Click pic for all details on Nano

In fact, the three variants we have listed above could be clubbed into one or two depending upon how Tata wants to position them in the market.

The Nano, which earned a power steering this January, is also rumored to get a more eco–friendly electric version, called as the Nano e-rev. Currently it is under an extensive research and development mode by the engineers at Tata Motors and is aimed as an environmentally sustainable way of improving the range of the car.

Nano Twist Active (facelift) with openable tailgate

The e-rev though will be made into a road going variant only if there are changes made in the taxation and subsidy policies by the government.

Just a couple of days back, one of our reader spotted a camouflaged Tata Nano in its facelift guise in Rajasthan.

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