More Equipment on Offer for Ford Figo – Start/Stop Button and Keyless Entry

With the interesting catch of a yellow Figo facelift a few days back, talks were all over the town about the possible upgrades the car in its new guise will get. has reported a new feature-rich add-on which Ford is planning to offer to Figo customers.


Figo Start/Stop Button Positioning

The most noteworthy points of this system are:

  1. Keyless entry: Car will get unlocked upon a touch on the request sensor at the door handle. Obviously the remote has to be in your pocket and the range should be accessible
  2. Figo gets Innovative and awkward Start/Stop button. Innovative because there are 3 different functions it is put to – First press opens up the music system, second switches the electricals on and it is the third press which would start the engine. Awkward because it is placed near the gear shift.
  3. Automatic locking doors after 45 seconds if car left unlocked accidentally
  4. In case you lose the remote, you would have to break open the window and enter a secret code without which the ignition would not work and the car would go berserk when anyone tries to start the car without the secret code.
  5. This equipment would cost more than Rs 30,000
Keyless Entry
Code Entry Buttons


It is not clear whether these would make it to the facelifted Figo or Ford would continue to offer these as official add-on fitments on all Figos. However, expectations are that these might make it to the next-gen Figo in India.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash

Source: The Automotive India


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  1. But the question is… when is this face lifted Figo going to be launched and will this version have better fuel efficiency than the previos one?

    • Abhi, there is no official word from Ford regarding the facelift. As soon as we hear something we would update that..


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