Most Affordable Audi A3 Coming to India Next Year to Rival Merc A & B-Class, BMW 1-Series

Would you buy a compact sedan starting at around Rs 23 lakh? Well, Audi thinks you would and it is going to introduce the A3, its premium compact sedan, in India early next year.

The A3 family of vehicles already have a hatchback but for some reason Audi is not committed to launch it here. There are, however, plans to expand the A3 family by introducing a Cabriolet, a high-performance version, and hybrid called A3 Sportback e-tron gasoline electric hybrid (PHEV). But those are for later. The first to enter our market, of course, will be the A3 sedan.


For a vehicle priced between of 23-30 lakh you would be expecting quite a bang for your buck and the A3 promises a lot on that account. A3 will come standard with its signature LED DRLs and taillights, leather seating, Bang & Olufsen audio, and Bluetooth and 4G connectivity among other stuff.

The powertrains available presently in the U.S. and U.K. market would inevitably be offered in India also. These include a 2.0L 150 bhp diesel motor and 2 petrol options – a 1.8L TFSI, a 2.0L TFSI. The TFSI technology developed by Audi is designed with the idea of making engines lightweight, powerful and fuel efficient.

Audi A3 Caught in Mumbai. Click pic for details. Pic Credit:

The power from these sleek power plants is transferred via a 6-speed S tronic transmission through the all-wheel drive Audi quattro system. The quattro system is renowned for its better traction and handling properties. Somehow, Audi feels that India is still not ready for a sub 25 Lakh hatchback like the competitors are offering and it intends to fight it up with a fairly decent sized, luxurious looking sedan. Your next stop is at Audi Q3 S which retails at Rs 24.99 Lakhs ex-showroom.

With the A3 premium sedan, Audi plans to bring its proven technology, craftsmanship and performance at a much more reachable package. For the lovers of brand Audi it definitely comes as a welcome news. The car has already been spied testing in India a few times in and around Mumbai.

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