Muscular RediGo Spotted Testing First Time – Nissan’s Kwid!

Barely has the paint on Renault’s Kwid started to dry that their partner Nissan has started testing their upcoming product based on the same platform – the production version of the Datsun Redigo hatchback . Spied by the folks at Motor Vikatan, the Datsun Redi Go concept uses the same Common Module Family-A (CMF-A) platform as the Kwid and will be the first Nissan product using the same underpinning.

Although these companies have said that there would be no resemblance of the RediGo’s engine with the 800 cc motor of the Kwid, we certainly believe it (Redigo’s engine) will be a derivative of the same. On the Kwid, this three cylinder motor produces 54 PS of maximum power and 72 Nm of peak torque. Just as the Kwid borrows the design elements of a crossover, Redigo looks muscular but both the companies have ensured there is no cross-sharing of looks going by this spyshot.

Datsun RediGo

The rear tailgate appears to carry a similar layout as the concept showcased at the last Auto Expo in Delhi. The vertical tail lamps with a slight bulge in the middle of the tailgate and a small glass piece on the tailgate gives it a sombre look, and it is smaller in size than Kwid!

Datsun redi-GO concept showcased at the Auto Expo
Datsun redi-GO concept showcased at the Auto Expo

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At a very recent press conference at the Tokyo Motor Show, Carlos Ghosn, CEO, Renault Nissan Alliance, also confirmed that the car (Datsun Redigo) will be coming to India next year but will have a different design than the Kwid and will be targeted at a different consumer base.

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