To tell the discerning readers why exactly Tata was seen going about showcasing its Xenon Tuff Truck at the BIC would be like stabbing in the dark; and that with a cardboard stage knife. It could mean anything; everything short of a launch of the said truck; immoderately desirable though it may look.

Jointly developed with its Australian distributor Fusion Automotive, the Tuff Truck concept was first displayed last year during that nation’s yearly fishing and boating jamboree. More Details here

Tata Xenon Tuff Truck-Pics (2)

The standard Tata Xenon with a Euro 5 2.2L turbo diesel engine, driver and front passenger airbags, blue tooth and USB connectivity has been offered on sale in Australia since October 2013. The Tuff Truck concept was designed to lure in the design-savvy Australian pickup (crew-cab) buyers towards the Tata Xenon.

Tata Xenon XT is available on sale in India too. What you won’t get; however, is the very impressive body kit and accessories pack that you see on the Tuff Truck. I must admit that I have been frequenting its website and drooling at the images for the past few months. The only thing stopping me from proceeding any further has been the price. The Xenon XT EX 4×4 goes for a whopping 11.00 lakhs or thereabouts (ex-showroom New Delhi). What you get for that sizable pile is a 140 bhp 2.2-liter in-line four pushing a mini-truck that’s a good part of two-and-a-half tons.

The time-tested simple ladder frame, 4×4 shift-on-fly, the limited slip differential, and the 320 Nm of grunt makes the XT 4×4 a serious crawler over terrain, but with no snorkel even as an optional accessory you can’t go wading into water any deeper than 300 mm.

Tata-Xenon-Tuff-Truck-Pics (33)

Team MotorBash went up close with this Xenon Tuff Truck and understood that this could be driven as well. If you look at the instructions chart pic here, it instructs drivers not to exceed 20kmph. Tata has also modified the rear suspension of this Tuff Truck and for some reason says that they cannot withstand normal driving (?). The tow hooks, tow bar and the winch were just showpiece items as they are not hooked onto the chassis.

The Tuff Truck looks gorgeous to say the least from outside in the matte gray color, however, the interiors are as drab as the regular road-going Xenon.


Everytime we see some fantastic concepts like Pixel & megapixel and the ones that can easily be productionified like the Nexon compact SUV and this Xenon Tuff Truck, we wonder if Tata designs have so much potential why these futuristic looking models never make it to production in India!

As we said, Tata’s intent of displaying the Xenon Tuff Truck at the BIC is unknown at this point of time. It could just be gauging peoples interests, based on which they may launch something on the similar lines or simple brand building!

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Nonetheless, here is a quick picture preview of Xenon Tuff Truck followed by 35 Picture Gallery.

Tata Xenon Tuff Truck Closer Look:

Xenon Tuff Truck gets a couple of additional lamps upfront
The bulged arch and the low profile tyres. Not to forget the sparkling alloys. How about matte finished black ones as an aftermarket?
It also has an electronic winch which is a saviour when stuck. Also notice the tow hooks and under-body protection
That flatbed helps you carry all your stuff along with you. Notice the metal pipes enhancing the looks
As soon as we step inside, we are greeted with the same 1950’s bland interiors.
The gear knob is unnecessarily broad. Power window switches found a place just here: a bit unconvenient
Sharp headlamps always looked good on Xenon. Notice the introduction of DRLs just above the fog-lamps. However, colour of these two reflect that they are sourced from different vendors who never wanted them to look good in tandem!
Roof-mounted LED Lamps – 4 of them. We don’t know how much do they lit up but they certainly add that extra muscularity to Xenon
Rear bench is short with very bad thigh support.
Minimalistic! And that is what the beauty is all about. Also notice the two tow hooks and the extra-long exhaust.
Tata-Xenon-Tuff-Truck-Pics (35)
That’s how they look when not lit up
Tata-Xenon-Tuff-Truck-Pics (27)
The interesting LED side blinkers integrated to the ORVMs
The different grille with Red Tata Logo with the dummy air scoop. Also notice the fantastic matte Gray colour.
Just about okay front seats. Need a lot more contours for more comfort. Rest, as said, is all bad quality plastic
Instrument Console, yet again is the same. Doesn’t look bad though – simplistic and minimal
Quality of interiors can best be called as, outdated and ‘bad’. Notice the bluetooth enabled Blaupunkt music system. Do not forget to read the instructions 😉
A closer look of the headlamp. Lots of chrome. Parking lit up
Tata-Xenon-Tuff-Truck-Pics (33)
Well, a random click. But you can observe the impressive ground clearance, fantastic colour, alloy wheels, ‘DICOR’ moniker and imposing stance
Tata-Xenon-Tuff-Truck-Pics (29)
And we finally leave you with a proper side profile pic. We love it!

Tata Xenon Tuff Truck Pic Gallery:

Update: Even after two and a half years there is nothing on this from Tata. Why can’t we have this go against the magnanimous V-Cross Tata?




  1. hi..
    m already hv tata xenon xt
    but now I want to buy this new model
    so plz let knw is it available here in india.
    bcoz the dealers hv no idea abt this model yet.
    plz I want this model so tell whr in india is it available.


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