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For the first time since a long time, we see some bright new development coming from the house of beleaguered Tata Motors. Tata and Jaguar Land Rover are finally doing some talking! Five years down the acquisition, word is rife that both the companies are working on two SUVs with inspirations from Land Rover according to Livemint.

Did you know: Safari Storme was planned for 2007. Click pic for details

The sources are two people who are directly involved in the matter and two others who are familiar with it. Though they don’t want themselves to be identified, they have mentioned that one of the two proposed SUVs could lie in the range of 10-15 lakhs INR!! This is expected to be a very good prospect for the SUV market in India.

However, the details about the second SUV aren’t clear. One of the sources who is directly involved in the development of the SUVs seemed pretty confident about the product being a runaway success in the Indian market. We also learn that Tata Motors could start inquiring its vendors to supply the specific parts for the vehicles by the first quarter of 2015.

So, can we expect a wee bit of Evoquish-ness from Tata’s upcoming SUVs?

We feel the inputs from Land Rover will be utilized to enhance the overall quality of the products. Tata needs to work on almost all areas of car manufacturing and with the technical know-how of JLR, we can be rest assured that things will fall in place, obviously if Tata really incorporates them in the upcoming SUVs.


Another point worth mentioning is that there is a probability of Tata Motors utilizing an upgraded version of Aria’s platform on the two upcoming SUVs.


All these efforts could be directed at Mahindra, the Indian player which took over the mantle of the leader in Utility Vehicle segment from Tata Motors’ erstwhile Sierra and Sumo. Both have not lived to see the light of the day (well, nearly), whereas the Safari continues to trundle along. It is also possible that we may see some Land Rover hints on the upcoming SUVs that Tata is developing for an onslaught in the Indian market.

Unfortunately, it is 2016 that we may be able to get these cars on our roads. Don’t you think 2016 is a bit too late for these vehicles to arrive and almost a surety that the market would have risen manifold from what it is now?

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