GRAND CONFUSION: Nano Diesel Spied Again With a Claim – ‘Its Alive’!

Update: Actual spyshots have been removed for some reasons. In place are older spyshots of a Nano diesel mule.

If there is one car which has confused everyone, it has to be the upcoming/not-coming Nano diesel. We have talked about Nano Diesel to death with exclusive and conclusive spyshots of the mules emitting black smoke to open-bonnets and what not!

We had infact caught a Nano diesel which was going through its on-road fuel efficiency tests. Recently, there was a pretty strong indication even from the company that the Nano diesel project has been axed but the latest report from along with conclusive spyshots talk about something else!

Tata-Nano-Diesel-Spyshots (2)


It became evident that Tata Motors had decided against the move of giving the Nano a diesel heart and would focus on bettering the petrol versions by offering better quality and new ‘smart’ features to change Nano’s image from that of a cheap car to a more sophisticated city car.

Check out the list of 3 upcoming Variants of Nano to understand that.

These new spyshots feature the new Nano Diesel and the point to note here is the new ‘smiling’ design theme it follows. According to MotorBeam, one of the major hurdles which Tata Motors is facing is the challenge to overcome the BS4 pollution norms.

The company has apparently collaborated with the German automotive parts manufacturer Bosch, to make a diesel mill for Nano a possibility. Motorbeam goes on to claim that the car will produce 55HP of power and 120Nm of peak torque at 3000rpm from its 800cc twin-cylinder engine which, we believe are a lot higher than the actual specs the car will be launched with, if et all!

Tata-Nano-Diesel (3)


Since the price difference between diesel and petrol has been narrowing, Tata motors is partially right in believing that this would not hold any significant advantage over its competition in terms of cheaper running costs. Nonetheless, we are really unsure of what is happening here and if the Nano diesel will ever get to see our nearest Tata dealerships…or not.

But look at it as a prospect – a sub 3 lakh diesel car with decent power and fantastic fuel efficiency figures..? Will you not buy it?

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