Nano CNG eMax Launch

Well, blow me down! That was my initial reaction on reading about Tata Nano being termed “Most Attractive Brand and Most Trusted Brand in the Hatchback category”; that according to “The Brand Trust Report, India Study – 2013” carried out by Trust Research Advisory (TRA).

And here I was thinking that most of us Indians would rather hate to be seen in the cheap-tagged car!  Something must have changed while I was out for coffee. TRA says a lot has!

Nano CNG eMax Launch

According to them 1,100 most trusted brands were chosen from 211 categories and from among the 19,000 unique brands generated in the study, good old little Nano was ranked as No. 1 in the hatchback category.  The study accords that the new makeover the Nano has got and the aggressive advertisement and communication strategy has done its job of making the Nano desirable to our capricious, hip youngsters.

If that is so, it should definitely increase the real estate price in and around Sanand.

An understandably elated Tata Motors has shot us this bit of news and they, it seems, have every reason to pat their backs.

TRA (formerly Trust Research Advisory) is a part of Comniscient Group engaged in analyzing and measuring “Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness” to help companies spend efficiently on brand recognition. They also own global copyrights for their “Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness” matrix.

Tata-Nano-Diesel (3)
Here is the Upcoming Nano Diesel mule alongside the regular Nano. Click pic for details

Recognition apart, if indeed the makeover and the “strong go-to-market strategy” have had any real effect on sales numbers would now be watched more closely by Tata and its competitors.  We intend to do the same.

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