Next Generation New 2012 Honda Civic NOT Coming to India?

Ever since Honda unveiled their new generation of Civic sedan in the international markets, talks of the car not being as good-looking as the current version started to flow through the airs. And even if we have to share our experience only based on the looks part of it, the existing Civic in India looks absolutely fabulous whereas the new generation Civic looks a little outdated!

New 2012 Honda Civic

Anyways, there were rumors and speculations that after sometime, Honda would be launching the new gen Civic in India replacing the existing one. However, news of the new Civic not making to Indian is sprinkling in. The new Civic is already selling in USA, Australia, Thailand and a few other international markets.

Its the component suppliers who have broken this part claiming that they have been told that the new Civic is not coming to India. And whatever costs were incurred by them for developing and supplying new Civic related parts have been reimbursed.

In the Indian markets, the existing Civic was launched in 2006 and has been a big talking point ever since. It seriously looks lavish both on the interiors and exteriors. However, the only-petrol motor model has not been doing any good of late. Last financial year, Civic managed to sell 2296 cars only which was more than half of what it had done the year before. In comparison to its competitors also, it has fallen to new lows with respect to sales.


At the same time the chief competitors Toyota Corolla Altis sold  8904 units and Chevrolet Cruze sold 8002 units. The biggest reason for the cars falling sales is attributed to the fact that it comes only with a petrol motor. Other manufacturers also have a diesel motor in competition.

Our Take:

We feel Honda must have shelved new generation Civic’s plans for the time being. However, with the new diesel engines in the pipeline, the new Civic should be coming to India at some later point of time.

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Source: Economic Times


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