Maruti Suzuki, it seems, is seriously mulling over a lot of possibilities and strategies for the Indian market. Apart from the many launches they have planned, there appears to be a possibility of the company testing the new 660cc engine for India.

The new 660 cc petrol engine, in Japan, attracts lesser tax than engines with higher displacements and makes it possible for the manufacturers to develop and market cars considerably less heavier on the customer’s pocket. The 0.7L engine, with its assorted gadgetry, is said to be capable of an impressive 54 PS making one wonder why not they introduce it in India? But do we have stomach for another small car from Maruti while we already have the 800cc Alto?


Why are we talking about this, but?

This is in news because of the recent spottings of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Wagon R as well as the Palette in India by the guys at

The WagonR JDM has been snapped in India earlier as well but its the first public spotting of Palette which Maruti Suzuki showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo in India. The spied mule has a tag which lists out a few important details. It reveals that the company has imported it as a CBU and the purpose they are retaining it is for testing 600cc engine.


Obviously, these are not conclusive details but why would Suzuki test a Japan-specific engine in India if it doesn’t intend to sell it anywhere else other than Japan?

The 3-cylinder 658cc ‘K’ engine returns around 26 km for every liter of unleaded and that’s one feature that’s impossible to argue against in India. The Alto petrol returns a shade over 22 kmpl from its 800 cc engine (ARAI Rated) producing a paltry 48 PS. Ain’t that a decider!?


Both the new WagonR and Palette feature the breadbox design optimized to effectively use all available space in their modest dimensions – and look ugly! Efficiency seems to be the byword for the cars’ design and development efforts as they feature the new 660 cc 12-valve petrol with ‘Idling Stop’ feature, which further limits the fuel consumption by curtailing fuel injection when the onboard computer detects the vehicle decelerating or stopping.

We are also awaiting something concrete on this, till that time, do tell us – Will you fancy buying a sub 700cc petrol engined car from Maruti Suzuki?

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