Learn New Car Buying Advice and Tips to Save your Money

Buying new cars may a normal affair for everyone, but for the person who is approaching towards it knows the true sense of it. According to Statista, in India the motor vehicle sales number in 2005 was 1.4 million and in 2019 it was 3.8 million. So, each year more and more people are inclining to buy new cars either for your own convenience or to upgrade their status in the society. Whatever be the reason, the new car buying phenomenon will continue in India and a greater number of brands will be entering the Indian market, just like the way Tesla touched the Indian soil in 2021, expanding the new car options for the buyers of India.

But every buyer should be aware of some useful tips before even thinking about a new car.

Buying Advice of New Car

Though it may seem to be quite easy to buy new cars, you may often get end up making blunders. To avoid any kind of regrets and mistakes, some decent advices will lead you the path.

  1. Choose the Car as Per Your Requirement

No one knows better than you when it comes to your requirement. You may be purchasing a car for your own convenience, it can be to fulfil the dream of your off-roading, it can be a gift to your parents, or it can be a new member of your joint family. In each case, the car choice will vary. For daily conveyance a hatchback will be great, for off-roading a sturdy SUV will suit, for your parents a sedan will be a perfect gift and for joint family a MPV or traveller will be good fit. Choosing the car as per your purpose should be the first deciding factor.

  • Indulge in Extensive Research

Research, Research, Research! There is no excuse to it. The better you do, the better car options, new car price and offers will be available to you.

  • It will help you to find the right brand for you. Not every brand has their service centres near your house. It is essential to find who offers better servicing facility.
  • You need to filter out in every category staring from brands, models, to trims. Each car has its own pros and cons. You need to find the suitable for you.
  • Customers’ reviews and experts’ reviews should always be considered will making a wise decision.
  • Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership

When you purchase a car you not only pay the cost of the car at one go, but you will also keep on bearing the cost of owning the car as long as you own it. That is the reason, it is evident that you calculate the Total Cost of Ownership that includes insurance, fuel, service, tyre change and depreciation cost for next 5 years.

For example, if you are planning to purchase a car “Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza ZDi AGS” worth Rs. 9.37 lakhs ex-showroom price, you must be prepared to spend Rs. 12.45 lakhs extra in next 5 years just to maintain the car.

  • Don’t forget to test drive the car

How a car looks, how it suits others and how it performs to you have a huge difference. This can only be felt with the help of a test drive. You may choose any new car, but test driving a car will help you to understand the control of the car on your hand. The performance of engine, brakes, clutch and other parts can be well scrutinized with test drive.

  • Find the best car insurance provider

Once you will have your car and you will be on road, you must have your car insurance done. Though it is always better to go for a comprehensive insurance that includes every damage, you may also opt for the third-party insurance only, which is actually mandatory. In case, you are on road without a proper car insurance, you will have to pay a hefty fine.

  • Check the warranty

Warranty is a necessity. If any brand is offering an extended warranty do not hesitate to opt for it. Warranty part often depends upon the dealers and the models you are choosing. So, ask and get a clarity in terms of warranty before booking your car.

Tips to Save Money

Now that you have got some wise advice how to proceed with car buying, you should know how to save your pocket as well. Here are some of the useful tips how you can save your money while buying a new car in India:

  1. Compare prices from multiple places

Prices of a car depends on various factors. First of all, the ex-showroom price is not the actual price, always look for the on-road price as it will vary as per your location. Secondly, the new car prices will vary from one dealer to another. It will also vary in offline showroom and online listing. So, make a comparative study of prices from different places, to see the least price.

  • Do negotiate to reduce the price

The dealers will quote a price for you, but that is not the price you should be accepting at one go. You should always try to negotiate and reduce the price of the car. We are not talking here about grocery shopping, but still there is a scope of reducing the price a little bit.

  • Check for available deals and offers

When you will research to get the best brand and model, also search for new car offers, deals and discounts. It can be festive offer, New Year offer, month end or year end sale, where different brands and dealers offer huge discounts and that will be the best time to buy a new car at reduced price.

  • Go for car exchange

If you have an old car with you, you can always go for an exchange policy. Trade-in your used car with a new car will always help you to save your pocket from burning.

  • Have enough time and be patient

Do not make a quick decision while buying a car, you will always make a mistake. Keep on researching and be patient! Whenever you will get the right car at right price, you can make a quick action. This is the best way to purchase a car at a lowest price for sure. Whenever you are short of time, you will be short of options too.

  • Read between the lines in case of loan

In case, you are not paying through cash and opting for a car loan, you have to bear the interest. So, before applying for a loan, read carefully and thoroughly each and every details of loan and then only take the decision of applying for loan where the rate of interest is low. Do not make the mistake here, otherwise the amount you have saved by negotiation will be drained through loan interest. However, the experience of buying a new car is always unique and special for each person. If you are making the decision for the first time, then it will be all the more special. You will obviously keep checking online new car offers and asking multiple people about their experiences, but your experience, learning and gain will always be different from others. Value your moment & appreciate it, and do not let any blunder ruin that pleasure from you. All the best for your new car!

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