New Details on Sub 4-meter Vento Compact Sedan

Apart from new Figo sedan, another important car that will share a pie in the compact sedan segment will be Volkswagen’s ‘under-works’ Vento-based Sub 4 meter sedan.

The car will be based on the new range of Polos and Ventos and will enjoy the classification of a ‘Small Car’ which means it will attract the lowest 12 percent excise duty (recently raised from 8%) on cars. To comply, Volkswagen will use the new 1.5L TDI diesel engine from the range, which it has started producing locally.


Apart from the diesel engine, it will come with Polo’s 1.2L petrol motor which we hope is NOT the 3-cylinder MPI variant but the TSI turbocharged motor! Overdrive expects the price range of the car to lie between Rs 5.5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs, which is definitely higher than the crop but coming from Volkswagen, we believe it will be worth the buck!


The biggest confusion we have is – the Polo is already 3971mm in length and Volkswagen barely has 29 mms to play in and form a new car out of it! Polo and Vento are timeless designs and look real classy. Not many cars have looked good when chopped….! How is Volkswagen, which is NOT known for local market cars, is envisioning their compact Vento, we wait to see…

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