New Fiat Linea To Come With 1.6L Multijet Diesel Engine; Launch Early Next Year

Fiat has already talked in detail about their roadmap in India and there are some exciting products lined up from this Italian giant. 

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Currently, Fiat has only a single Linea in the C-sedan segment. Fiat is going to launch a refresh of the gorgeous looking car pretty soon. Towards the end of this year, Fiat will launch ‘Linea Classic‘ which we assume will be the current Linea which will obviously come devoid of some luxury features. Does this remind you of Ford Fiesta in India?


Early next year, Fiat will launch the new Linea in India which has already made it to a few international markets. This new Linea will sit in the premium C-segment over Linea Classic and will come with the following engine options.

  1. 1.4L Turbocharged petrol
  2. 1.6L Multijet Diesel


That means that new Linea will ditch the current lower powered naturally aspirated 1.4L petrol and 1.3L multijet diesel. It will carry the 1.4L engine in its current turbocharged T-Jet form which (currently) produces 114PS of power and 207Nm of torque. The more interesting bit here is the diesel engine. New Linea will bring the 1.6L Multijet diesel motor which will debut here in India on Fiat cars.

Both these engines are expected to be shared on Jeep’s B-segment and C-segment SUV’s which will come later. Fiat has chalked out a nice little strategy. Two sedans in both entry level and premium C-segment will be a welcome move and a proper differentiation will help both to not eat into each other’s shares.


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6 thoughts on “New Fiat Linea To Come With 1.6L Multijet Diesel Engine; Launch Early Next Year”

  1. Just a single request to Fiat! Please please do not share it with others. Atleast bring some uniqueness to your own models. Anyways if they plan it to share with others who will benifit? Ertiga/SX4?

    • you are right, because maruti doesn`t make their own deisel motor, than fiat`s multijet is unique in the world.

      if fiat won`t share it in future to maruti or tata. than result will in favour to fiat
      fiat should not have share their engines with maruti.

  2. Why next year when they can bring it this year straight away.They have the car, they have the engine. Then why next year ?. FIAT is already too late in doing things and definitely unlucky. Convince the Indian customer that they are pretty serious.

  3. Just went through the fiat turkey website.There they are having the 1.4Tjet in 2 tunes 120bhp @ 5000rpm and 206nm @ 1750rpm and the second tune is 140bhp @ 5000rpm and 250nm @1750rpm.
    Well for the 1.6MJD in 105bhp @4000rpm and 290nm@1500rpm and the second tune is 120bhp@4000rpm and 320nm@1500rpm.
    I hope they get all the tunes and place them against verna’s 4 engines like a normal and a sports edition.


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