New Fiat Punto EVO vs Old Punto: Price Comparison

So, the new Punto EVO is here and in all its glory! The prices, at the upfront, seem to be interesting. Let us compare them with the outgoing car and see if they indeed are…


New Punto EVO vs Old Punto Price Comparison:

New Punto EVO vs Old Punto Prices
1.2L Petrol ACTIVE 4.55 4.93 38,000 Less
1.2L Petrol DYNAMIC 5.12 5.16 4,000 Less
1.4L Petrol EMOTION 6.65 6.70 5,000 Less
1.3L Diesel ACTIVE 5.27 5.61 34,000 Less
1.3L Diesel DYNAMIC 6.21 6.26 5,000 Less
1.3L Diesel EMOTION 6.83 6.87 4,000 Less
1.3L Diesel SPORT 90HP 7.20 7.24 4,000 Less
*all prices in lakhs and ex-showroom Delhi

Its evident that all the prices are lesser than the older Punto and the new prices are indeed luring. Notice carefully, the significant drop on the entry level variant prices. The new 1.2L Punto EVO Petrol Active is about Rs 38,000 cheaper and similarly, the 1.3L diesel Punto EVO is priced about Rs 34,000 lesser . This ploy of keeping the entry price lesser has been adopted by companies to attract customers into the new car.

All the other variants are between Rs 4000 to 5000 cheaper variant to variant. So, unlike the norm where prices of the cars are increased in the new facelifts, Fiat has reduced the prices in order to bring more customers to its showrooms.

But how does the car compare with its arch-rivals Swift, Polo and others? Another post coming up soon. Keep tuned!

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