Goodyear India has launched new tyres called Assurance TripleMax in India for power braking even on wet roads. The company claims that this new range will help your cars reduce the stopping distance by 2 meters (as compared to their previous offerings) and this also includes the wet.

The treacherous Indian roads are one of the worst in the world (among developing countries) and a lot of accidents happen because our cars could not stop in time. Imagine you are cruising on a highway comfortably with your loved ones and suddenly a cow or a dog feels this is the best time to cross the road! Forget highways, situations like this are pretty common even in cities, and not just with cattle but humans (who are supposedly the most intelligent animals in the planet) as well!

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax

Goodyear claims that the new Assurance TripleMax uses their patented Hydrogrip technology to assist in braking.

Goodyear History and Milestones

This technology is a mixture of the following three elements:

  • Maximum Wet Grip: A functionalised polymer tread compound with improved molecular bonding giving the tyre an extra edge to take grip to a whole new level on wet and dry roads
  • Maximum Control: Larger surface area of contact and optimized pressure distribution on key block elements on the tyre improves rubber contact with the road, giving drivers more control during braking
  • Maximum Braking Ability: Equipped with biting edges with large block elements, the newly launched tyres have an increased road contact area for extra security when braking

The Goodyear Assurance TripleMax also helps in reducing the rolling resistance which helps in increasing fuel efficiency. The tyres will be available in 14 inch to 16 inch rim diameters in a plethora of sizes.




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