Hyundai is one manufacturer which really considers India as one of their important markets and the global launch of the new i20 is one testimony to that fact!

The car, named as Elite i20, has unofficially been busted in clear interior exterior spyshots and looks a lot European than Korean per say! One of our reader Rishabh shared a 6 minute long video of a test mule running on Delhi roads a few days back and you can check it out at the end of the article.


The car, in full veil, is seen overtaking a lot of other cars and gives us a perspective of how big or small it appears to be on the roads. From the leaked dimensions of the car, new Elite i20 does look shorter and wider but surprisingly longer than the current car on sale (however it is 10mm smaller!).

The engines on the elite i20 continue to remain the same 1.2L petrol and 1.4L CRDI diesel with 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmissions respectively. The 1.4L petrol motor with the automatic gearbox will reportedly not be offered, at least for now.

Clear Pics of elite i20. Click for more (including interiors)

New Elite i20, as expected, is feature loaded and comes with engine start/stop button, rear air-con vents, 2DIN audio system, dual roof lights for front passengers, Smart pedals and other equipments. Official launch is slated for the 11th of this month and bookings are alreay in full swing.

Hyundai has also started promotions online as well as on television. There is a confusion whether the elite i20 will completely replace the existing i20 or be sold alongwith as a more premium version. The current i20 doesn’t look outdated from any angle what-so-ever and it will not hurt if it continues to be on sale as a lesser sibling.




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