No matter how much you dislike this new cross hatchback trend, it is the ‘in’ thing these days and is possibly the easiest way to promote your strict hatchbacks as crossovers and sell them in the market!

After Volkswagen’s Cross Polo, Fiat’s Avventura (and Toyota’s Etios Cross), Hyundai is the latest to join with their new i20 based i20 Active. Let us have a quick look at what separates them..

i20 Active vs Avventura vs Cross Polo: Spec & Price Comparison


Let us talk diesel first..

  • Cross Polo comes with the biggest 1.5 liter engine which is the most torquey in this list. Avventura is a wee bit more powerful than the rest.
  • i20 Active is the biggest car here and scores over others in all the dimensions.
  • Avventura is the real deal if you are looking out for a hatchback with some off-road credentials owing to its SUV-rivaling 205mm of ground clearance. i20 Active also has seen an increment over its hatchback sibling, however, Cross Polo ends up being a dummy offering here.
  • In terms of ARAI rated fuel efficiency, i20 Active runs the longest per liter of diesel.
  • Pricewise, you can easily neglect the Cross Polo out of the list. Between i20 Active and Avventura, it is the Fiat that is lesser priced than the Korean.


  • The Cross Polo has very recently got a petrol motor. It is the same 1.2 liter MPI engine which is underpowered by all standards!
  • Avventura has got the biggest motor here and it is the most powerful but a fuel guzzler at the same time. i20 Active is somewhere in between in terms of power but returns best rated fuel efficiency among the lot.
  • In terms of price, since Avventura doesn’t get classified as a ‘small car’ and attracts higher taxes, it is priced higher than the i20 Active.

Clearly, its a choice between nothing! Etios Cross and Cross Polo are strict hatchbacks with some puff around them. Between the i20 Active and Avventura, quite frankly it is the Avventura which looks the best and more suitable of the title of a ‘crossover hatchback’.

i20 Active is an option if you just do not want to be one of those 10,000 monthly users who buy the new elite i20.




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