Some Exclusive Sneaking Bits on Upcoming i20 Cross

If you remember, MotorBash was the first online publication in India which revealed Hyundai’s plans of launching a crossover version of their i20 hatchback and shared many spy pictures of a test mule doing duty on the roads in Chennai in October.

Today we have some more sneaking bits which will confirm a lot of speculations related to the car. As a first, let us tell you that i20 cross will definitely have a better ground clearance than the current new i20 hatch because both the front and rear struts are bigger in size.

Hyundai-i20-Cross-Pics (36)

So, unlike Toyota Etios Cross & Cross Polo which are crossover (hatchbacks) just by their name, Fiat Avventura & Hyundai i20 Cross will come with traits which would justify the usage of the term ‘crossover’ in their names and promotions! Apart from this, with the information we have in hand, the car is also getting better braking capabilities and have bigger front disc brake calipers.

Launch is still some time away as Hyundai is currently testing some new equipments and parts, including the ones we have listed above. Mass production may at least take two to three months from now and a launch can be expected sometime after that, sometime around or after March 2015.


In a nutshell, this is all you know about the i20 Cross now… 🙂

  • Hyundai i20 Cross will get some minor cosmetic enhancements
  • The front and rear struts are bigger than the current i20 which directly means higher ground clearance.
  • Bigger front disc brake calipers.
  • Launch still sometime away

Crossover hatchbacks are slightly rugged versions of hatchbacks and are built on exactly the same platforms and shares almost everything. They just get some end-moment changes to the looks and a few mechanical bits.

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